November 29, 2011

Occupy Lubbock GA Meeting Minutes

(in reverse chronological order)

Wednesday 12/7/2011


Saturday march will actually be postponed due to lack of banking entities along 82nd st.
Mic Check of the mall on Saturday, planning will be finalized on Friday with scripts sent out to participants.
OccuCarols will be performed next week at the Kingsgate shopping center at 82nd&Quaker
Take outside perspectives of informed, yet inactive people.
Take notes of criticisms and provide feedback to them after they are discussed at GA’s.
Use the forum more and keep it organized
Start discussing issues outside of our main point.
Set up scheduling for the holiday break, we’ll have a spreadsheet available at the encampment for people to sign up for specific days. If we need the extra protection, Gail has offered to hang on to the generator so it remains safe.
Mic Check will be about human rights to appeal to the masses and then tie into our main point. Upon being escorted out, we will chant about the senate passing the provision in the NDAA that allows indefinite detention of citizens.
Holiday flyer is available on the forum, anyone can print them out to distribute.


Saturday 12/3/2011

DJ: take over her duties. Arthritis. Chris, Lance, Chris, Matt, Andrew, Trypp.
Matt: daily sign up sheet for chores.
Occupy holiday flyer. Let’s do it!
Lance: keep spirits up. maintain a presence. call to action to get more people to come out. take individual shifts. Karen will do facebook announcement. Email lists.
Anica: ppl left out here 4-7hrs without heat. Let people know when you leave.
Andrew: March at 82nd and Quaker on Dec 10. Also Mall flashmob.
Kenny: TY for attending my announcement on Thursday. OL Website updates are being done as we speak.
Leann: Hope Shalom ministry. Coordinated activity. Volunteers were taken at the GA to participate.
Ethan: storm rolling in on Monday. Dehydrate quickly. Drink Hot water only, never cold water. He brought emergency water.
Karen: email — a group collective consciousness has put together a film about occupy london. get a short clip from every occupy and combine into a film. We will get it done with a library camera this week.
Matt: Hunter wanted to bring up: step up our game a little bit, cross the line into . Kenny will get info for local pols who will be speaking. Mic check Wal-Mart.
Anica: hot chocolate stand idea.
Andrew: focus on voter turnout. get voter registration.
Military: we like em.
Carol of lights!
instant runoff voting.
print off ideas from email.
flashmob discussion. practice wednesday.

Wednesday 11/30/2011

The stack was:

A vote was taken about publicizing our ledger. The options were onsite, password protected online, open online, and none. After rounds of voting, the consensus choice was online password protected.
Kenny will add Karen as an admin on the website. The nav menu will soon include links to the forum and the minutes page.
The Art Trail will be postponed until January.
Claire provided the small business flyers and the Just Do It documentary materials.
Working groups: art, accountability, online presence, camp logistics.
Dec 10th Mall event was discussed.
Michael, the author of the “Letters at 3am” column of the Austin Chronicle introduced himself and mentioned his multipart article about the OWS movement.

Monday 11/28/2011

we now have two forums. use the real one!
minutes page for GA notes (lol recursive)
post up the small business flier
publicize just do it? they asked to be informed if we screen it.
maybe play the money masters at the same time, double screening.
bat signal how to at inneroccupy.org cool stuff.
Sgt. Papal is on the case of generator theft, hopefully we will get feedback.
more organized working groups
working group meetings
going to lowes tomorrow for new generator
laser trip wires need to be bought for alerting us if someones coming
double night shifts are now necessary.
need to keep accountability with the ledger, name deposit or withdrawal, reason underneath.
quiet hours 1am – 7am
role call, designated role call person (DJ)
working groups split up after speakers, communicate, and then converge with a representative from each group speaking


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  1. Karen on December 4, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Thanks, Kenny. Good job on the notes :-)

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