Occupy Lubbock: Weeklong Milestone

October 23, 2011

As of 2pm Saturday 10/22, Occupy Lubbock made it to the one week mark of continuous, 24/7 occupation of the public greenspace at 19th & University Ave. There have been a few events announced on the Occupy Lubbock facebook page — including a few general assemblies, regular demonstrations at peak traffic hours, and another sign-making party — but most of the on-site group’s efforts have been focused on logistical concerns. The occupiers at 19th and University have braved a historic haboob, a bustling urban environment at all hours, and decreasing nighttime temperatures. The support shown by the community has been fantastic; physical and motivational contributions have kept the occupation going.

The occupation now has an information tent and welcomes your contributions of facts and data behind the movement. One of our most effective roles has been talking with regular folks who stop by the occupation and want to know what it’s all about.

Going forward, general assemblies will take place daily at 6:30pm at the occupation site. Most GAs will simply cover logistical concerns of the day, but event planning, outreach, and other discussion may take place. GAs with a larger-than-usual agenda will be announced ahead of time. All are welcome to participate in the GAs. Watch the facebook page, the twitter account, and this website for more details.

Thanks everyone for the support. Let’s keep this occupation growing!

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