Canvass Against NDAA 2012


I have printed off many flyers which contain information on the NDAA 2012.  Melissa and I passed out these flyers door-to-door today with much success.  I would like to pass out as many as possible and converse with our neighbors in Lubbock about this awful bill that nullifies The Bill of Rights.

I will arrive in Lubbock at around 1:00p.m. to discuss some ground rules for our door-to-door canvassing and then we will canvass to our heart’s content.  If you would like to print up your own flyers about the NDAA or SOPA that would be excellent.

Also, I have heard that President Obama has until today to veto this bill.  Please take a minute or two and send him an email and urge him to veto this terrifying law!