Unfortunate Incident

We had an unfortunate and unwelcome confrontation tonight at Occupy Lubbock.

Three people drove up and yelled the usual provocative remarks about getting a job from a loudspeaker on their truck. One of our members walked up to the truck to talk to them. He was greeted with: “Step closer and we’ll f—-n kick your a–.” He walked up and said, “What’s your problem? This is a peaceful movement.” Then, the door swung open and a gun was pointed in his face. They told him to get on his knees. He ran away and called the police. The police showed up and arrested our member for an unpaid parking ticket. The three hooligans in the truck were released after talking to police because the gun owner had a Concealed Handgun License.

To reiterate: Occupy Lubbock is a peaceful, nonviolent movement. We think it is a shame that someone felt the need to point a gun at an unarmed person exercising his first amendment rights, attempting to engage in dialogue, and outnumbered three-to-one.

Violence, or even the threat of violence, is not going to solve America’s problems. We encourage and invite conversation and collaboration.

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  1. OccupyNews.net:

    Sorry to hear that your police think the movement is a joke and are willing to let off gun toting assholes while arresting an innocent for a parking ticket.

    Normally the person making the call, when victimized in such a manner, would never be turned into the suspect.

  2. Eric:

    I know we are all frustrated at Obama and Bush for bailing out the few poorly lead Banks. I hope you all stay safe and are not intimidated by the few who are threatened by free speech.

  3. henry tunks:

    Petition every attorney within 10 miles of the event so as to obtain their views on non performance by police. Surly threatening a person with a gun and demanding submission is a felony in any part of the USA and grounds for revocation of a gun license?

  4. SoProudOfYou:

    I am so proud of you for standing your ground, remaining peaceful, and most important, keeping up the posts.

    Between CEO of Goldman Sachs getting mic checked and walked out on at Princeton, CEO of Wells Fargo mic checked and the whole auditorium goes !@#$ nuts, to Lubbock.

    It takes such courage to protest there. I’m from there, I got out as quick as I could, now for the first time in my life there is a pang of regret. I should have been there.

    Keep it up Kenny, everyone. Document everything. An incident like that, with you remaining peaceful, broadcast to the entire world- from a small town, etc- seriously that is huge for us as a whole movement.

    In Solidarity

    I Am So Proud Of You