This Week

Occupy Lubbock will continue its presence at 19th and University Ave from sunup to sundown as people are available to participate. Email with your availability, or just show up. You can bring your own sign, use one of the existing signs, or make one there.

ACLU has a flyer about what to do when stopped by police that may come in handy.

Watch this space and the Occupy Lubbock Facebook Group for more event announcements this week, including a sign making event, homeless awareness event, and a big day of action Saturday, October 15th. More details from the Monday meeting will be posted soon.

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  1. Mark:

    10 million viewers… we are the 99%
    We just need to use the power of words… so I was thinking of a sign carried by my son, that says:
    “I need my gram mother to take a walk in the park not working at Wal-Mart”
    In Europe in 2008 I saw a sign that read: “Socialism bails out capitalism” and the hit NYC sign is: ” It’s not a recession, it’s a robbery” keep the faith, it is about the power of words.

  2. Mark:

    about the ACLU flyer, a non confrontational way to say it is:
    “as a rule, I never consent to a search”
    it says that it’s not this incident that determine my rights, it’s something I never give up!

  3. Mark:

    Did the roving reporter thang on KFRE 580am with Todd Klein (4-6pm), he wants a sign that says bring back Glass Steagall. gotta sleep

  4. troy crumrine:

    whats wrong with someone that depended on the federal government for their retirement income making a little extra from Walmart to bad your government did not offer her a privatized retirement account that the fed could not turn over to the general fund! stop blaming wall street and blame OUR government