Next organizational meeting is from 5-7pm Monday October 10th at J&B Coffee, 26th and Boston Ave. It is OK to come late. We will relocate at 7 if there are still things to discuss. Watch this website and the Occupy Lubbock facebook group for more events.

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  1. Mark:

    Opps, showed up a little too late, (prior work), got there in time for a chruch group to watch the violent “Book of Eli” and a bible discussion. It was an interesting second choice but I could tell it was a crowd that didn’t want to hear “other” opinions (so judgemental of me). I did have a nice cup of coffee and a discussion with psychology student/coffeePerson Ashley about the future of work in Psych. I suggested Bernays book “Propoganda” and Zimbardo’s Hero training but I think she was just being nice for a loney old man sitting at the coffee bar :-)
    Next time, because it’s all fixable, IMHO.