Notes from the Tuesday Meeting

These are some rough notes from the first organizational meeting of Occupy Lubbock, which took place Tuesday 10/4 at J&B Coffee. Over 20 people attended this initial meeting.

Ideas brought up before the group include:

* rally at the courthouse

* occupying the corner sidewalks of an intersection during daylight hours, possibly 19th St and University Ave

* spreading the word through flyers, social media, and community notice boards

* a community service event

* a rally at City Hall near the end of a business day

* an event to raise awareness of the homeless in Lubbock

And some guiding principles were discussed:

* this is a leaderless movement and all are welcome

* keep it nonviolent at all times

* keep cameras ready at all times to document what goes on at events

* cleanliness and a neat appearance are important at events

We also registered at the meeting and launched an initial website.

Watch and for announcements about future meetings and events.

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  1. Wesley Hildreth:

    The acoustic band Cheap Tequila volunteers for any events that we can be of help. I can be reached through my e-mail address, or Cheap Tequila on facebook.

  2. Melody:

    Have you reviewed Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy”? Gene Sharp is the world’s foremost expert on non-violent revolution. Read about him here:

    And here is his famours “how to” manual:

  3. David bennett:

    Occupy the FED instead. Don’t go for body shots of the beast. Go for the head instead. That head is the Federal Reserve. Many companies traded on wall street do good things and create jobs. Many do not and these are the ones who are in bed with the FED. Strike the heart, strike the head – strike the FED

  4. David bennett:

    Strike the heart, strike the head – strike the FED instead!

  5. Anica Wilson:

    I represent Life Changers Charity. We attended your meeting at J&B’s and we are very excited about teaming up with you for awareness. We are all set to go with “Tent City”. Just a note to you all these people are just like you and me. They are only a few paychecks away from having a home. It is our Goverment and Politics that are holding these people back. Remember the only way to change the world is to make a change in it’s people. Even if it is one person at a time. Each person we make a difference in their lives is an ally for our movement…remember that.